Birthday Bumps

While on my birthday run a few weeks ago, I slipped on some ice and fell hard to the ground. I twisted my ankle, banged my knee, bruised my hip, cut my elbow and ripped my new Salomon jacket. I may have bruised my ego a bit as well. Not my best birthday for sure.

While hobbling home, I began obsessing about my training. My spring races are coming up fast… This is a bad time to get injured… I’m still building my mileage… I’m just a bit bruised, I can still run through this… Despite the fact that every step I took with my right leg sent shivers of pain through my body, I seemed to be in complete denial about the situation.

It looks like I'm a midfoot striker.

It looks like I’m a midfoot striker.

Although I took the next day off, I persisted in going for a two-hour run the following day, which included a 60-minute tempo in the middle. I needed my iPod for that run. And then the next day I limped through a 42-km long run. The good news is that my body only hurt when I used my right leg, so I basically ran 21 km pain free. Unfortunately, I managed to irritate my IT band by overcompensating for my bruised hip, so that gave me an extra injury to enjoy. So, the next week was almost a complete write-off and then the next one was fairly minimal as well.

So yes, I’m an idiot. Thankfully I’m on the mend (with big thanks to super physio Greg Lehman), so I’m back on track as far as training is concerned. Although I lost a few weeks of higher mileage, I don’t seem to have lost much speed or fitness. The key now is building my endurance back up to handle the longer runs efficiently.

Last week was my first full week of training since the fall. Although I only ran six days (now that I’m old I take a day off each week), I managed to run 154 km, which included a quality day with intervals, a day with hill repeats and a steady 45-km long run. All of this was pain free, so I think I’m ready to increase the intensity again. I certainly have a greater appreciation for healthy, pain-free running.

With Pick Your Poison 50K coming up in less than three weeks, I’m into a heavy week of training followed by a moderate week and then an easy week. Not sure how my body will hold up for the 50K race given my recent injuries, but I’ll just show up and do my best.

The warmer spring weather has melted the ice from my local trails, so hopefully I can make it through the rest of the year relatively unscathed.

The McAlister boys

The McAlister boys

2 thoughts on “Birthday Bumps

  1. Great to hear you’re back healthy again. If anything, the extra bit of rest may have been a good thing in the long run.

    ….and yup, good thing you’re taking a rest day at YOUR age!

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