I Drank the Hemlock

I ran Pick Your Poison 50K just over a week ago and chose to drink the hemlock. Yep, I quit. Surrendered. DNF’d.

Located at Horseshoe Valley, the race featured four 12.5K loops with some nice climbs around the ski hills and surrounding trails. With the recent cold weather, there was still some mud and snow on the trails, so it made for an interesting course.

Unfortunately, I had some difficulty early in the second loop and things just continued to get worse, so shortly after I started the final loop, I decided to stop with about 7K left to go. Although I could have still finished with a decent time, my body was feeling quite beat up and I needed to ensure that I could keep training through the following week in preparation for the Sulphur Springs 100 Miler, which is my focus race for the spring.

Basically, I made the idiot move of trying out some new things on race day. Please don’t do this. It’s a stupid move. You don’t want to be that guy (or girl). And if you have a blog where you talk about your races, then you have to let people know how stupid you are.

When it comes to racing, just do what you know. Keep it simple. Even if you’re a race addict, nearly all of your yearly runs will be regular training sessions, so there’s absolutely no reason to try out new things in a race environment. Experiment in training, not on race days.

Anyway, I took a couple of easy running days on the Monday and Tuesday after the race and then had a solid tempo run on Wednesday. Although I took Friday off completely, I still managed to get in nearly 14 hours of running for the week.

This week is going well, and should be my heaviest training week for the year so far. If I survive past Sunday, then I will cut back on my volume and taper for the final two weeks before the Sulphur Springs 100 Miler. Although it’s early in the season and we’ve just escaped winter, I’ve managed to run over 2,200 kms since January. While my volume isn’t as high as I would have liked, I’m hitting my speed workouts faster than I ever have, so the PYP debacle aside, I’m expecting to run well this year.

2 thoughts on “I Drank the Hemlock

  1. Sheesh…you’re going to leave us hanging and wondering what the ‘idiot moves’ were?

    May have been all for the better to dnf and going into Sulphur ready to fly. You’ll run well.

  2. Sorry about the DNF, but on now to your goal race! You’ve set yourself up for a great run at Sulphur. Best of luck, pulling for you.

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